Acid value
         Ester value
         Hydroxyl value
         Iodine value
         Peroxide value
         Saponification value
         Gas chromatography
         High performance liquid chromatography
         Gas chromatography with FID
         High performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) with UV, PDA, RI detection
         Size exclusion chromatography​
         Thin layer chromatography
        Ethylene oxide and dioxane
        Gas chromatography
         High performance liquid chromatography
        Particulate matter
         Residual solvents
         Atomic absorption, atomic emission, graphite furnace, hydride system
Microbiological analysis
         Absence of specific micro-organisms
         Bioburden, TAMC and TYMC
        Endotoxin testing (gel clot method, kinetic turbidimetric method)
        Microbiological assay of antibiotics
w material analysis is used for:
         Medical device
         Cosmetic industries..


the core of our work  


Provides bioinformatics and mass spectrometry analyses for biomarker discovery.
Biomarker discovery and characterization.


Provide universities and colleges with an experiential laboratory resource supporting relevant internship training programs.

"defining biomolecular characterization"

MDX Analytical:

  • Provides analytical and research support for pharmaceutical development and research samples.
  • Study sample analysis and advanced analytical characterization for small and large biomolecules.
  • Protein/peptide characterization (molecular weight, purity, concentration, aggregation).
  • Raw material analysis and release.
  •       Physical and chemical raw material analysis
  •         Boiling point
  •         Clarity and degree of opalescence of liquids       
  •         Conductivity
  •         Degree of coloration of liquids
  •         Distillation range
  •         Drop point
  •         Elemental analysis (atomic absorption, atomic emission, graphite furnace, hydride system)
  •         Freezing point
  •         Identification testing
  •          Infrared spectrometry
  •          Limit tests
  •          Melting point
  •          Optical rotation
  •          Osmolality
  •          pH
  •          Potentiometric determination of pH
  •         Refractive index
  •         Relative density
  •         Residual testing (sulphated ash and total ash)
  •         Titration (amperometric, complexometric and potentiometric)
  •         UV-VIS spectrometry
  •         Viscosity (capillary and rotating)
  •         Water determination (loss on drying and Karl Fisher)